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Postgraduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (PGCertPhty)

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The Postgraduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (PGCertPhty) is a distance-taught programme that may be endorsed in either Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Neurorehabilitation, Occupational Health Physiotherapy or Sports Physiotherapy. It provides a balance of scientific principles, clinical skill development and an understanding of the clinical issues surrounding physiotherapy practice in these specialist areas.

Information for new applicants

This qualification is available to registered physiotherapists who hold a current Annual Practising Certificate from the Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand.

Applicants should note that some papers involved in this qualification involve students attending residential blocks in Dunedin and phoning in on audioconferences.

On completion of the certificate students can progress to the Postgraduate Diploma and/or Master of Physiotherapy endorsed in the same area.

Students enrolling for this programme should take care to enrol for the on-campus or Distance versions of the papers as appropriate.

Closing date for applications:
Domestic applicants: 15 December (however late applications may be considered)
International applicants: 31 October

Schedule of Endorsed Options

The Postgraduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (PGCertPhty) is available with endorsed options in:

These endorsements for the Postgraduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (PGCertPhty) are also available through Distance Learning.


Regulations for the Postgraduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (PGCertPhty)

  1. Admission to the Programme

    1. Admission to the programme shall be subject to the approval of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Health Sciences).
    2. Every applicant shall
      1. have been admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Physiotherapy or hold an equivalent Physiotherapy qualification acceptable to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Health Sciences);
      2. be registered with the Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand and possess an Annual Practising Certificate where appropriate or be a registered (or equivalent) physiotherapist in their country of practice or residence; and
      3. have post-qualification clinical experience in physiotherapy.

  2. Structure of the Programme

    1. The programme shall consist of approved papers to the value of 60 points as prescribed in the Schedule for the chosen endorsement.
    2. With the permission of the Dean of Physiotherapy, a candidate may substitute up to 30 points in a relevant or related subject for the paper PHTY 501.

  3. Duration of the Programme

    1. The duration of the programme shall be equivalent to half an academic year of full-time study or the equivalent in part-time study.
    2. A candidate shall satisfy the requirements for the postgraduate certificate within two years of admission to the programme.

  4. Terms Requirements

    1. No candidate shall be eligible to sit a final examination for a paper without having gained terms in that paper.
    2. A candidate gains terms in a paper by satisfactorily demonstrating the acquisition of sufficient knowledge, professional behaviours and skills; by attendance (in person and/or online); by performance in a professional manner of such practical and clinical work and other work as the School of Physiotherapy may require; and on overall performance in all components of each paper.
    3. A candidate who fails to gain terms in any paper will, if other requirements of the regulations have been met, be required to repeat the whole of that paper.
    4. Terms granted in any paper shall normally be for that year only.

  5. Examinations

    1. A candidate will be required to gain terms in a paper before being permitted to sit the examination for that paper.
    2. A candidate who obtains a D grade in a paper may be permitted to sit a special examination for that paper. Any candidate who has obtained an E grade in a paper will not normally be admitted to a special examination in that paper but may be offered an opportunity to repeat the paper.

  6. Exclusion from the Programme

    Any student who, during the course of their studies, is:

    1. subject to criminal charges; or
    2. subject to disciplinary proceedings of the University or of a professional body; or
    3. found to have an issue in connection with their mental or physical health that could adversely affect their fitness to practise; or
    4. found to have failed to declare a matter covered by (a)-(c),
    may be excluded from further study towards the certificate by the Academic Board of the Division of Health Sciences on the recommendation of the Board of Studies for Physiotherapy.
  7. Variations

    The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Health Sciences) may in exceptional circumstances approve a course of study which does not comply with these regulations.

This information must be read subject to the statement on our Copyright & Disclaimer page.

Regulations on this page are taken from the 2024 Calendar and supplementary material.

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