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Study Molecular Biotechnology at Otago

Working with the building blocks of life

Molecular Biotechnology is the application of biological science at the molecular level.

Time Magazine called the 21st century the “biotechnology century”, a claim based on the explosion of molecular technologies, and the impact these technologies are likely to have.

The number of new products being developed for human and animal health is growing exponentially, and this trend is set to continue.

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Why study Molecular Biotechnology?

You could become involved in world-changing developments like finding new treatments for diseases, identifying important genetic traits, or helping solve crimes through new forensic techniques.

You'll gain wide knowledge in the fields of genetics, biochemistry and microbiology that can be used in industries in New Zealand and around the world.

You'll develop an appreciation of the impact of Molecular Biotechnology, and learn about the technology behind recent advances in the biological sciences.

Career opportunities

There is worldwide demand for well-trained molecular  biotechnologists. New Zealand already has a sound base in biotechnology, especially as it relates to healthcare innovation and the primary industries, with a range of research organisations and companies involved in biotechnology.

You could find yourself cloning genes to identify new pharmaceuticals, or working with new vaccines. You could help develop identifying markers for beneficial genetic traits in animals or disease in humans, or work in areas like vaccine development, genomic analysis, or patenting.

While your roles may vary in the different environments, your sound understanding of genetics, biochemistry and microbiology will provide you with a solid base from which to develop your future. There are the traditional research opportunities in Crown Research Institutes and universities, or openings in the commercial sector.


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