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Your fees account for Summer School will be sent to you in December. You must pay the full amount listed on your account no later than 15 January. If your fees are being paid by Student Loan, you need:

  • to have made appropriate advance application to StudyLink
  • to complete course confirmation documentation by 5 pm on 15 January.

More information about fees


Important information for students applying for loans and allowances:

  • One 0.15 EFTS paper (18-point paper) is the minimum EFTS value accepted as a full-time enrolment for the six-week Summer School teaching period
  • 0.15 EFTS value or higher equates to six-weeks' worth of entitlement under the Ministry of Education's loan entry threshold calculations
  • Summer School comprises six weeks of tuition time (eligible period of loans and allowances) and a part-week of examination time (non-eligible period of loans and allowances)
  • If you are studying from the start of Summer School until the end of first semester or second semester continuously, your entitlement is assessed on your full enrolment details.

Hallie BuckleyAssociate Professor Hallie Buckley
(Departments of Anthropology and Anatomy and Structural Biology)
"Practical classes are a more reasonable size during Summer School, so I have the opportunity to get to know the students in my biological anthropology course really well. Students enrol in my paper for all sorts of reasons and they come from all sorts of different backgrounds, so the classes are really dynamic and interesting."

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