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We use a combination of field investigations, remote sensing technologies and numerical modelling to investigate Antarctic sea ice properties. We are particularly interested in improving our understanding of the complex interactions and feedbacks between Antarctic sea ice, ice shelves and coastal oceanography. We undertake this work in collaboration with our colleagues in the Department of Physics, NIWA and Antarctica New Zealand.

Aotearoa New Zealand Sea Ice Mass Balance Station

The School of Surveying is actively involved in the annual deployment of a sea ice mass balance station in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica during the winter growth period. Greg Leonard authored and maintains a website that provides current information about the station. You can view this website by clicking here.

Sea Ice and Ocean Temperatures in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica

As part of her PhD study, Maren Richter is investigating a 20+ year record of sea ice temperature profiles and ocean temperatures. In June 2019, Maren was awarded the Antarctica New Zealand Sir Robin Irvine Doctoral Scholarship to support her work. You can read more about the award here.

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