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Students enrolled in 200 level and above Surveying papers, have 24 hour seven day access to the relevant lab(s). After-hours access to the building is by swipe card (student ID cards). Card readers are fitted on the north door of the building, the door of the spatial lab, and the interior of the lift within the school. Access to the computer systems is by university issued user accounts and passwords. Students are assigned a user account when they enrol in 200 level papers in the School of Surveying. This access is a privilege extended to students of the School. The labs are work areas, and the School of Surveying IT staff work hard to maintain them and create an environment conducive to learning. The cooperation of students is vital for maintaining user friendly well maintained and fully functioning facilities. Students are strongly advised to put an automated forward on mail going from their University student email address, to forward to their personal email address (e.g., gmail/yahoo/hotmail etc).

Use of the labs is governed by the following rules:
1. Respect the facilities and other users. Food and drink (other than closed water bottles) are not permitted in the computer labs.
2. Report any problems with software, computers, printers or other facilities to the relevant Survey IT Staff member.
3. The computing facilities are for Surveying students and staff only. Other persons may not use the labs unless prior permission has been granted by a Surveying IT staff member.
4. All work should be saved to your network folder (U: drive) not to the local C: or D: hard drives. You are also recommended to backup your work to a memory stick or other portable media
5. Do not share user accounts and passwords. Your user account is confidential. Only you and School IT staff are able to view files stored in your account folder (U:) on the School's network. You are responsible for the content of your account folder.
6. The School computing facilities are for course work only, and may not be used for commercial purposes or for any purpose that does not comply with the Computer Regulations (as published in the University Calendar) and New Zealand law.
7. Software and data must not be copied other than with specific permission from a School of Surveying IT staff member. Copying of software and data is theft and will result in penalties.
8. Always log out of the computer network when you complete a session. Failure to do so will leave your files and account available for others to use. Your work could be plagiarised and/or corrupted which could result in you incurring penalties or worse.

Disobeying the rules may incur penalties. Penalties may include temporary loss or restricted use of computer account access and temporary loss of after-hours building access which can include. Severe and/or repeat breaches may result in prosecution and/or expulsion from the University of Otago.

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