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Kaiāwhina Surveying: Māori student support

The School of Surveying, Te Kura Kairūri, complying with the University of Otago's Māori Strategic Framework, and responsibilities under Te Tiriti o Waitangi, provides a contact person for pastoral and academic support.

Find out more about Māori student support at the School of Surveying.

School of Surveying: Pacific Islands student support

The Division of Sciences Pacific Islands support network is for all students of Pacific Islands descent taking science papers.

Find out more about Pacific Islands student support at the School of Surveying.

Facilities and equipment

The Surveying School There has three lecture theatres, two software laboratories for teaching and research. The school also hosts the Spatial Ecology Research Facility that provides privileged access to resources for research involving spatial data and analysis.

Find out more about the facilities available at the School.

An extensive range of surveying field equipment is available for use in student practical exercises and research projects. The equipment is also available for hire by other university departments when not required by School staff or students.

Find out more about the field equipment available at the School.

The School of Surveying manages a 2026 R2 Sonic Multibeam Echosounder (MBES) on behalf of users in departments across the University of Otago. Our MBES can collect depth, seabed intensity and watercolumn data.

Find out more about the Multibeam Echosounder (MBES) available at the School.

Computer services

The School of Surveying has two large computer labs for undergraduate and graduate student use, a dedicated research lab, plus a number of other student computers for postgraduate and honours students.

Find out about computer services at the School.

Health and safety

While the School of Surveying does not have chemical or biological hazards we still have incidents caused by situations and actions.

Find out about the Health and safety at the School.

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