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EmilyTidey_2019website_418x270BSurv (Otago), MSc Hydrography (Plymouth) FIG/IHO/ICA Category A

Tel +64 3 479 7587
Room Surveying building, 1st floor, room 112


At Te Kura Kairūri I manage Hydrographic Surveying – teaching students and working with researchers from Surveying, Marine Science and Geology. I am a past student of the School of Surveying, and joined the staff in 2013.

I have been part of several research cruises on the university vessels. I teach practical hydrography skills around Dunedin Harbour and along the Otago Coast on the university research vessels Polaris II and Tūhura.

Prior to coming to Otago I completed my MSc (Hydrography) on the FIG/IHO/ICA recognised Category A course in Plymouth, UK. My background also includes several years working worldwide on a variety of hydrographic projects including charting, habitat mapping, oil and gas, renewables and offshore construction.

I thoroughly enjoy being at sea and like to learn, share and apply all aspects of nautical knowledge to my teaching.


Research interests

  • Underwater acoustics, sound velocity measurement and application
  • Use of multibeam sonar in shallow coastal waters and deep offshore canyons
  • Using hydrographic data for more than one purpose - charting, geophysical analysis, habitat mapping, sea-level analysis
  • Hydrographic surveying in rivers and lakes
  • Hydrographic surveying education and development in NZ / Australasia

Research themes

Emily is also a member of the Coastal People: Southern Skies collaboration that connects communities with world-leading, cross-discipline research to rebuild coastal ecosystems.
Coastal People: Southern Skies


Current projects

  • PhD: Hydrographic measurements as spatial predictors of marine habitats and processes
  • Marine habitat mapping using hydrographic data; best practice in the field and office, positioning requirements.

Completed projects

  • Low-cost RTK GNSS for hydrography. Publication in 2023: Marine Geodesy.
  • Tuia-250 investigations: Commemorating 250 years since the first encounters between Māori and Captain Cook's European crew in 1769. Publications in 2019: New Zealand Surveyor.
  • Auckland Islands seafloor mapping investigations, bathymetry and glacial geomorphology. Publications in 2018-2019: Quaternary Research, Geosciences and Antarctic Science.
  • Art+Ocean exhibitions. Publications in 2018: Exhibition Catalogue and Junctures.
  • Hydrographic mapping of Tasman Glacier terminal lake. Publication in 2016: Global & Planetary Change.
  • MSc thesis: Optimal use of Underway SV Measurements in a Multibeam Survey on the Tamar Estuary, 2012
  • BSurv honours dissertation: Hydrographic Surveying in Marine Protected Areas, 2006

Current student projects

  • Emily Harrex: Empowering Women in Hydro, SURV470 project, 2023
  • Jono Chuhairy: Hydrographic calibrations, SURV470 project, 2023

Completed student projects

  • o Hannah Mello: The Effect of Marine Protection on New Zealand Bryozoa (PhD submitted 2021). Co-supervision with Abby Smith (Marine Science), Anna Wood (Ecology) and Dennis Gordon (NIWA, Wellington).
  • Maddy Glover: Current and historical extent of Macrocystis pyrifera forests in the South-eastern South Island (MSc submitted). Co-supervision with Chris Hepburn (Marine Science), Matt Desmond (Marine Science) and Anne-Marie Jackson (Physical Education, Sport & Exercise Sciences).
    Robbie Columbus: Low-cost, single frequency, relative positioning of GNSS tide buoys and their use within a densified tide monitoring network, SURV470 project, 2019
  • Kara Jurgens: A Comparison of Different Multibeam Frequencies and Sonar Settings; The Marine Maid Shipwreck, Stewart Island, SURV470 project, 2019
  • Jean Louis Morrison: Surveying and Marine Science: Using Bathymetric Data to Complement Marine Science Investigations in Port Pegasus, Stewart Island, SURV470 project, 2019
  • Rian Mayhead: Unmanned Surface Vehicles. Toys or Tools? SURV470 project, 2018
  • Matt Barber: Mapping Where Yellow-Eyed Penguins are Foraging, Using Modern Hydrographic Acoustic Techniques, SURV470 project, 2017
  • Sam McLoy: The Role of a Surveyor in Hydrographic Research, SURV470 project, 2016
  • Thomas Rutter: An Investigation into the Use of Remotely Operated Survey Vessels (ROSV) for a Multibeam, Nautical Charting Survey, SURV470 project, 2015
  • Ian Hauman: The Use of Oblique Angled Single Beam Echo Sounding for Detecting Bridge Scouring, SURV470 project, 2014



School of Surveying

  • School of Surveying Research Seminar coordinator (2019 - present)
  • School of Surveying Undergraduate Committee (2013 – present)
  • School of Surveying Marketing Committee (2013 – present)

Professional Activities

Awards and achievements

  • 2022 University of Otago Staff Award: Health, Safety and Wellbeing Award (Team)
  • 2021 S+SNZ Hydrography Professional Award (Outstanding Service to the Industry)
    2017 Best Poster, New Zealand Coastal Society Conference
  • 2014 FIG Foundation Young Surveyor Fellow Award
  • 2011 Education Award, Australasian Hydrographic Society (AHS)

Other positions and professional responsibilities

  • Current member of S+SNZ Hydrography Professional Stream (HPS) leadership team
  • Current chair of the Australasian Hydrographic Society (AHS) Education Award
  • Current member of NZ Region (NZR) AHS Executive Team
  • 2017-2019: Member of Survey and Spatial NZ (S+SNZ) Council and Chair of S+SNZ HPS


  • Member of Survey and Spatial New Zealand (S+SNZ), previously New Zealand Institute of Surveyors (NZIS), 2017 – present (Professional Associate 2007-2017)
  • Member of NZ Marine Geospatial Working Group (NZMG-WG), 2019 - present
  • Member of the Association for Women in the Sciences (AWIS), 2019 - present


Perkins, E. J., Gorman, A. R., Tidey, E. J., Wilson, G. S., Ohneiser, C., Moy, C. M., Riesselman, C. R., Gilmer, G., & Ross, B. S. (2020). High-resolution seismic imaging reveals infill history of a submerged Quaternary fjord system in the subantarctic Auckland Islands, New Zealand. Quaternary Research, 93(1), 255-266. doi: 10.1017/qua.2019.58

Tidey, E. J., & Hulbe, C. (2019). Sub-Antarctic Auckland Islands seafloor mapping investigations using legacy data. Geosciences, 9(2), 56. doi: 10.3390/geosciences9020056

Morrison, J.-L., Tidey, E., Schenck, R., & Wilson, G. (2019). Surveying and Marine Science: Using bathymetric data to complement marine science investigations in Port Pegasus, Stewart Island. Proceedings of the New Zealand Coastal Society (NZCS) Annual Conference. (pp. 114). Retrieved from

Glover, M., Hepburn, C., Desmond, M., Tidey, E., & Jackson, A.-M. (2019). Habitat mapping of Macrocystis pyrifera (M. pyrifera) along nearshore coastal Southern Otago, New Zealand. Proceedings of the New Zealand Coastal Society (NZCS) Annual Conference. (pp. 70). Retrieved from

Tidey, E., Columbus, R., Jurgens, K., Mayhead, R., Morrison, J.-L., & Odolinski, R. (2019). Student hydrographers professional coastal science projects at the School of Surveying, University of Otago. Proceedings of the New Zealand Coastal Society (NZCS) Annual Conference. (pp. 118). Retrieved from

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