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Help us be 20% more energy efficient by 2025.

Sustainable Development Goals

Quick tips

Last one out?

Lights are left on 21% of the time in shared rooms across campus on average when no one is using those spaces. If you are last out, check everything unnecessary is off, including:
• Lights
• Computers
• Other devices

Use daylight

Re-arrange your work space to maximise natural light, making sure windows are clean and blinds or curtains are open.

Research shows people are more productive and learn better in naturally-lit environments.


Your computer's screen saver does NOT save any electricity. Ask your IT person what energy saving mode is best for your computer.


Try to avoid cranking up your heater first thing in the morning and overheating the room. Ask about your room/building's heating schedules – and you can even provide an updated schedule of times your building is occupied:


Also, make sure nothing is obstructing your heaters, so you get the most out of them.

Stuffy room?

For rooms with opening windows, add fresh air when you need it. Turn heaters dials down and open the windows for five minutes so the air in your room is replaced, then close the windows and re-adjust your heaters.

Switch prompts

Help remind people to save power

You can get switch prompts for lights and equipment from Green Your Scene, to encourage people to turn them off to save energy.

These stickers are recommended for shared areas only.

If you want stickers for your building, chat to your building's Green Your Scene team or email

Green Your Scene recognises the power of staff and students taking small steps together towards sustainability every day, and is supported by the Sustainability Office.

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