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Metis sash on keteThe Master of Indigenous Studies (MIndS) programme has been offered at the University of Otago for over 10 years. It is an internationally recognised, high-quality Master's degree with a track record of excellent graduates since 2004. To date there are over 60 graduates who hold the degree of Master of Indigenous Studies. The programme is part of the cohort of other post graduate programmes offered in Te Tumu.

The MIndS programme was developed as a way of engaging with indigenous issues and peoples. The degree was formulated on the basis that Māori, Pacific Island and other Indigenous peoples have unique bodies of knowledge about customary, environmental and cultural practices. The degree prepares graduates for administrative and leadership roles with indigenous communities not only in New Zealand but also abroad. The course is aimed at those who already have a degree and have been part of an indigenous community. This is either through them being a member of an indigenous or ethnic community or working in an area that has an indigenous component. Additionally, those who have an interest in indigenous issues will find the course useful for further knowledge on the subject.

The MIndS programme is also available through Distance Learning. It is also an entry qualification for the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and to date there are four former students who have completed a PhD after their MIndS.

The course will appeal to those who are in employment and who want to up-skill in their workplace. This is part of the rationale for the course being taught online so that students can complete the course anywhere in New Zealand or overseas. This degree requires at least twelve months of full-time, or the equivalent in part-time, study to complete.

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Programme requirements

Master of Indigenous Studies (MIndS)

Research Report option
An approved paper at the 400-level or above (worth at least 20 points) may be substituted for one 400-level INDS, MAOR or PACI paper.
Thesis option
  • INGS 501 Indigenous Theory and Method
  • INGS 5 Thesis

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