Your room is all yours and it's what you choose to make it.


It's your space so you can poster the walls and bring your favourite duvet cover (although ours are just fine!) to make it your home in your first year of study with us at Otago.

Each room comes warm and ready for you with:

- a bed with linen (fresh sheets every week!)

- a desk, set up for that quiet study session

- plenty of wardrobe space

- shelving for your text books

- a study lamp for the late night sessions.

Our rooms are, generally speaking, all of similar size, with similar furniture, fixtures and fittings.

Internet Access at Toroa

Internet access within Toroa is provided at no additional charge. Connectivity is provided as an extension of the University's Internet services, on a best endeavours basis. Where practicable, access is available by Wireless or via a hard-wired LAN port, but connectivity in bedrooms cannot always be guaranteed. The University is currently undertaking an extensive upgrade of the entire system and, until this is complete, Internet access may also be limited in certain areas of the College and it is also important to remember that Internet access may slow or become unavailable at times due to heavy demand, or the need to provide upgrades or maintenance. The University makes every attempt to minimise such disruptions to the service. If you have localised problems with Internet access remember that the College has wireless access available in Manawa. Additionally the University of Otago provides wireless and wired Internet access around the campus in areas such as libraries, study areas and common spaces. Please feel free to speak with us if you have any questions or need any assistance.

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