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In order to be considered for accommodation with Uni Flats you must first register and then apply online through the Accommodation Office using the link below.

For single semester students, the details provided under 'Personal Information and Comments', as well as the additional information page, are the most crucial part of our placement and selection criteria.

It is very important that this page contains accurate information about yourself. We use this information to match you with a Kiwi Host and other international students to maintain a harmonious and compatible flatting situation for everybody – so be honest and ensure you include both your 'likes' and 'dis-likes'.

If you are a family, a couple or wanting to live on your own, it is recommended that you apply as soon as possible as we are very limited on the number of one and two bedroom flats available. Please note that we do not place families or couples in shared flats.

Once we have chosen a suitable flat for you, you will receive an offer of accommodation directly from the Uni Flats team. It is important that you reply to our offer within the specified timeframe to guarantee your placement and that all correspondence in relation to your accommodation is now referred directly to the Uni Flats office

Apply to be a University Flats Resident

Applying to be a Kiwi Host

Applicants must be NZ citizens or NZ permanent residents. You must currently be studying at the University of Otago, be at least a second year student when applying, and be a fulltime student at the University in the following year. It is preferable that you already have experience of flatting, or at least living independently.

Applications to become a Kiwi Host open at the beginning of July for the following year. Kiwi Hosts are offered a reduction in their residential fee in return for acting as a host.

Apply to be a Kiwi Host

Applying to be a Sub-Warden

Sub-Wardens are either live-in Kiwi Hosts as above or or live independently (live-out) from Uni Flats.

Sub-Wardens are full-time students employed part-time to assist the Uni Flats team with events, maintenance, general enquiries, and pastoral care.

Applications for Sub-Wardens are sought during July with interviews conducted in August.

  • Download the full job description (available when applications open)

Apply to be a Sub-Warden

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