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Health of Veterans, Serving Personnel and Their Families Research Theme

The theme is dedicated to producing high quality, interdisciplinary research focused on the health status and needs of veterans, serving personnel, and their families. To foster research which can be translated into practice and helps the military, veteran and family community.

Health and Wellbeing of Current and Former Service Personnel

To participate in the "Health and Wellbeing of Current and Former Service Personnel" project please click this link.

You will be asked to enter your Name and e-mail address, which will then send you an e-mail with the link to the survey. Keep this e-mail so you can go back into the survey.

If there is any problems or queries please e-mail

Medium term goals

To help identify 'at risk' veterans and put community support mechanisms in place.

Long term goals

To develop a research community committed to 'making a difference'

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