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wellsleep recording screenThe WellSleep Centre welcomes new patients by referral only.

The Centre is an affiliated provider to Southern Cross Health Society. If you have private medical insurance with Southern Cross, the WellSleep Centre is can apply for prior approval directly on your behalf.

Please contact us at for further information about seeking prior approval.

If you wish to be referred through the public health system, your GP will need to refer you to the local public hospital sleep clinic in the first instance. The four steps below outline how this would usually happen.

How to obtain a referral for a sleep test at the WellSleep Centre

  1. Discuss your sleep problem with your GP.
  2. If appropriate, your GP will refer you to a specialist sleep doctor, who will decide which type of sleep test is best for you (download sleep referral form PDF).
  3. The sleep specialist will send your referral to the WellSleep Centre.
  4. After receiving this referral, staff from the WellSleep Centre will contact you directly to make an appointment.
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