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Denise_Steers_profileUniversity of Otago, Wellington counselling service provides confidential counselling for currently enrolled medical, radiation therapy, physiotherapy, dieticians and postgraduate students.

Counselling is a safe place to talk about any worries or concerns you may be experiencing. It is an opportunity to explore what is happening with someone trained to listen with sensitivity and without judgement.

Counselling can help you understand and resolve problems and if it requires more than what can be offered we will help refer you to the support you need.

Here are some of the typical things people come and talk about:

  • Feeing stressed out
  • Feeling like quitting uni
  • Sleep problems
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Upsetting thoughts or feelings
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Thoughts about harming yourself

Free and confidential

The service is free to enrolled students.

Student counselling is confidential and what you say is kept private and held in complete confidence.

What to expect

Session times are about 40–50 minutes but are sometimes shorter up to about 4 sessions (due to demand and availability).

The number of sessions will vary. Sometimes people just need a 'one off' to clarify their thoughts or to 'let off steam'. Other times you may choose to come back depending on what you wish to achieve. This might include checking out your perspective on a particular situation, developing some skills or discussing a dilemma.

Some issues may take longer than can be offered at the service and we can help you work through who might be best to provide the added help you need.

Many students access counselling at different times throughout their university study and that is OK too.

Find out how to make an appointment...

Having suicidal thoughts?

Lots of people have suicidal thoughts and have worked through them. It can feel much worse if you're alone. You don't need to be. There are people who are willing, able and available to help you.

Someone I know is thinking about suicide

Having suicidal thoughts yourself?

In an emergency

Call 111
Police, Ambulance and Fire Service

Mental Health Crisis

Community Assessment and Treatment team (CATT)
Freephone 0800 745 477 (from within New Zealand) or
Tel +64 4 494 9169 - 24/7

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