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Lecture Theatres

There are two lecture theatres available: The Nordmeyer (or Large) Lecture Theatre which seats 250 and the Small Lecture Theatre which seats 119. They both feature full AV systems including data projectors, inbuilt PCs, laptop inputs, wireless microphones, document camera, video and cassette players. Video conferencing is also available in both lecture theatres.

The lecture theatres are booked through Technical Assistance needs to be requested as part of the initial booking, if it is required.

Level C and D Seminar Rooms

The teaching rooms on levels C and D of the Academic Block are pre-configured with Audio Visual equipment.

All rooms feature an integrated data projector, audio system and connections for a laptop or video/DVD player. Wired and wireless internet access is available on both floors, including the foyer and cafe areas.

The larger rooms also have a lectern with a built in pc and all rooms have connectivity for the Vivid videoconferencing system.

A full list of features can be found at:

Rooms are booked through Technical Assistance needs to be requested as part of the initial booking, if it is required.

Presentations Shared Folder

These resource rooms C05, D07, D08, eWD31, Small Lecture Theatre and Nordmeyer have a desktop in them. If you have any data you would like to preload on the desktop before going to the specific resource room just click on the link below. It has instructions on how to preload data from any networked pc or laptop at University of Otago Wellington into the Presentations folder.

Presentations folder instructions

Presentation  Recording

Active Presenter is a tool used for recording lectures including PowerPoint and/or Keynote slides. Active Presenter provides a solution for recording and distributing lectures, special events, and presentations.

Otago Capture Personal (Echo 360) is available for recording presentations and teaching sessions. It is installed in the teaching rooms on Levels C and D and in some of the departmental seminar/teaching rooms.  It can also be installed on individual staff machines.  This uploads presentations directly to the Otago Capture site, and can only be used by internal users.  Staff who would like to use this service should request it through the web interface at
For more information on making a request, visit this Otago Capture help page.

For further information on presentation recording, contact us at

"Clickers" - Audience Response System

The Audience Response System "Clickers" are available for use in the School for up to 250 users.  These allow quick, anonymous and easy to use feedback from a class or group.

For more information, please see the pdf quick guide:  Clickers.pdf

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