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Profile-Fiona-HoodResearch Midwife

Contact details

Department of Medicine
University of Otago Wellington.
PO Box 7343
Wellington 6242
New Zealand

Tel 64 4 918 6843


I am a Registered midwife and I provide research and administrative assistance for the following studies:

The Diabetes in Pregnancy Study: Effects on Subsequent Generations.
A retrospective cohort study of Wellington women with diabetes during pregnancy. We aim to determine whether metabolic disease in their children is due to increased glucose in their blood during pregnancy; or obesity, family history and social environment.

The Probiotics for Eczema Treatment Study
A pilot randomised controlled clinical trial investigating the use of topical probiotics to reduce the symptoms of eczema.

The Probiotics in Pregnancy Study
A randomised controlled clinical trial investigating the use of probiotics to prevent the development of allergic disease in infants, and reduce gestational diabetes and bacterial vaginal infections in pregnant women.

The Progress NZ Study
A prospective weight loss intervention study for males with pre-diabetes

Food 4 Health: Prevent diabetes. He Oranga Kai
A randomised controlled clinical trial for people with pre-diabetes, investigating the use of probiotics and cereals to prevent diabetes


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Amataiti, T., Hall, R., Hood, F., Krebs, J., & Weatherall, M. (2023). Does providing fruit and vegetables or supermarket vouchers increase adherence to a reduced carbohydrate diet in women with gestational diabetes? Proceedings of the 46th New Zealand Society for the Study of Diabetes (NZSSD) Annual Scientific Meeting. Poster 7. Retrieved from Conference Contribution - Published proceedings: Abstract

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McKinlay, E., Hilder, J., Hood, F., Morgan, S., Barthow, C., Gray, B., Huthwaite, M., Weatherall, M., Crane, J., Krebs, J., & Pullon, S. (2022). Uncertainty and certainty: Perceptions and experiences of prediabetes in New Zealand primary care: A qualitative study. Journal of Primary Health Care, 14(2), 138-145. doi: 10.1071/HC21066 Journal - Research Article

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