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Head of Department

Professor Anna Ranta
Professor of Neurology
Tel +64 4 832 3076

Deputy Head of Department

Dr Tristram Ingham
Research Associate Professor
Tel +64 4 832 3082

Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus Carl Burgess

MB ChB Conveners and Sub-Conveners

Year 4

Professor Mark Weatherall
Module Convener

Dr Rosemary Hall
Endocrinology Sub-Convener
Senior Lecturer

Dr Stephen Inns
Gastroenterology Sub-Convener
Senior Lecturer
Tel +64 4 832 3071

Gordon Maxwell
Hutt Hospital Convener
Clinical Senior Lecturer

Dr Martin Punter
Neurology Sub-Convener
Senior Lecturer

Trang Tang
Client Services Administrator
ALM4 and Trainee Interns Teaching Co-ordinator
Tel +64 3 556 5366

Year 5

Dr Andrew Aitken
Module Convener
Cardiology Sub-Convener
Clinical Senior Lecturer

Dr Carolyn Clark
Renal Sub-Convener
Senior Lecturer

Professor Alister Neill
Respiratory and Sleep Sub-Convener
Tel +64 4 832 3067

Dr Kyle Perrin
General Medicine Sub-Convener
Clinical Senior Lecturer

Dr Annie Wong
Oncology Sub-Convener
Senior Lecturer

Siti Rahayu
Client Services Administrator
ALM5 Teaching Coordinator
Tel +64 4 832 3435

Year 6/Trainee Interns

Dr Cindy Towns
Module Convener
Senior Lecturer

Trang Tang
Client Services Administrator
ALM4 and Trainee Interns Teaching Co-ordinator
Tel +64 3 556 5366

Other Conveners

Dr Chris Cameron
Clinical Pharmacology Convener
Clinical Senior Lecturer

Professor Sinéad Donnelly
Palliative Care Convener

Postgraduate Research Convener

Dr Stephen Inns
Postgraduate Research Programme Convener
Senior Lecturer
Tel +64 4 832 307

Research groups within the Department of Medicine

Contact information for research groups within the Department of Medicine.


Rebecca Grainger
Professor of Medicine
Tel +64 4 832 3078

Professor Jeremy Krebs
Professor of Medicine
Tel +64 4 832 3077

Associate Professors

Associate Professor Andrew Harrison

Dr Darren Hooks
Clinical Associate Professor

Associate Professor William Taylor
Tel +64 4 832 3081

Adjunct Professor

Richard Beasley
Respiratory MedicineTel +64 4 805 0230

Senior Lecturers

Peter Fortes
Occupational and Aviation MedicineEmail

Dr Rachelle Martin
Senior Lecturer
Mob +64 21 223 3362

Dr Julie Myers
Tel +64 4 918 4629

Dr Mike Tweed
Senior Lecturer
Tel +64 4 918 5456


Dr Hemakumar Devan
Tel +64 4 832 3256

Senior Research Fellows

Christine Barthow
Senior Research Fellow
Tel +64 4 832 3085

Bernadette Jones
Senior Research Fellow
Tel +64 4 832 3083

Dr Caroline Halley
Senior Research Fellow
Tel  +64 4 832 3084

Research Fellows

Phillipa Barnes
Research Fellow
Tel +64 4 832 3075

Dr Valerie Milne
Research Fellow

Dr Amber Parry Strong
Research Fellow

Dr Paddy Whitfield

Assistant Research Fellows

Dr Claire Honeywill
Assistant Research Fellow
Tel +64 4 832 3086

Janice Kang
Assistant Research Fellow
Tel +64 4 832 3087

Research Assistants

Ella Berkahn
Research Assistant
CREBRF Women's Study

Kahukura Dickason
Research Assistant
CREBRF Women's Study

Salote Makasini
Research Assistant
MANA Study

Lena Sutherland
Research Assistant
Rehabilitation Teaching & Research Unit

Emma Walker
Research Assistant
MANA Study

Honorary Academic Staff

Dr Sarah Dean
Honorary Professor

Dr Michael Haney
Honorary Professor
Occupational and Aviation Medicine

Rob Siebers
Honorary Research Associate Professor

Dr Meika Foster
Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Dr John Bourke
Honorary Research Fellow

Professional staff

Sophie Petelaud
Lead Administrator, Client Services
Tel +64 4 832 3015
Mob +64 21 279 0127

Mercina Nielsen
Client Services Administrator
General administration and head of department support
Tel +64 4 832 3440

Cris Alip
Finance Associate

Clinical Senior Lecturers

  • Dr Jonathan Adler, Palliative Care
  • Dr Christopher Anderson, General Medicine
  • Dr Russell Anscombe, Cardiology
  • Dr Catherine Barrow, Oncology
  • Dr Sarah Barton, Oncology
  • Dr George Bax, General Medicine
  • Dr David Bourke, Neurology
  • Dr Andrew Burns, General Medicine
  • Dr Richard Carroll, Endocrinology
  • Dr John Chalkley, Aviation Medicine
  • Dr Caroline Chembo, Renal
  • Dr Amanda Chen, Gastroenterology
  • Russell Clarke, Aviation Medicine
  • Dr Tupu Cleverley, General Medicine
  • Dr Brian Corley, Endocrinology
  • Dr Veronica Crawford, General Medicine
  • Dr Dorothy Dinesh, General Medicine
  • Dr Jamie Evans, Radiation Oncology
  • Dr Sarah Fairley, Cardiology
  • Dr Marianne Falconer, General Medicine
  • Dr James Fingleton, Respiratory
  • Peter Fortes, Aviation Medicine
  • Dr Anup George, Oncology
  • Dr Timothy Gilmore, Aviation Medicine
  • Dr Catherine Gray, Aviation Medicine
  • Dr Scott Harding, Cardiology
  • Dr Paul Healy, General Medicine
  • Dr Rowena Howard, General Medicine
  • Dr Satish Hulikunte, Internal Medicine
  • Dr Douglas Iupati, Radiation Oncology
  • Dr Eric Ji, Radiation Oncology
  • Dr Carol Johnson, Radiology Oncology
  • Dr Evan Jolliffe, Neurology
  • Dr Matthew Kelly, General Medicine
  • Dr Han Kim, Radiation Oncology
  • Dr Ilamaran Kumarasamy, General Medicine
  • Dr Katia Liang, Geriatrics
  • Dr Andrew Linton, General Medicine
  • Dr Maartje Lyons, Aviation Medicine
  • Dr Philip Matheson, Renal Medicine
  • Dr Philip Matsis, Cardiology
  • Dr Emma McMenamin, Palliative Care
  • Dr Khadiga Mohammed, Radiation Oncology
  • Dr Maas Mollenhauer, Neurology and Rehabilitation
  • Dr Thomas Mules, Gastroenterology
  • Dr Nichola Naidoo, Radiation Oncology
  • Dr Shahistha Naidoo, Radiation Oncology
  • Dr Brendan Ng, Clinical Pharmacology
  • Dr Anna Nicholson, Radiation Oncology
  • Dr Anne O'Donnell, Oncology
  • Dr David Okonji, Oncology
  • Dr Anu Perera, Aviation Medicine
  • Dr Natasha Perinpanayagam, Renal
  • Dr Susan Plunkett, Cardiology
  • Dr Gareth Richards, Aviation Medicine
  • Mr David Robiony-Rogers, Respiratory
  • Dr Ian Rosemergy, Neurology
  • Dr Mark Simmonds, Cardiology
  • Dr Nicola Smith, Respiratory
  • Dr Jennifer Taylor, Neurology
  • Dr Tom Thompson, Internal Medicine
  • Dr Katie Thorne, Geriatrics
  • Dr David Tripp, General Medicine
  • Dr Matthew Webber, Cardiology
  • Dr Jhana Wendling, General Medicine
  • Dr Patricia Whitfield, Endocrinology
  • Dr John Wyeth, Gastroenterology

Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturers

  • Dr David Abernethy, Neurology
  • Dr Sarah Aldington, Aviation Medicine
  • Dr Kaye Basire, Palliative Medicine
  • Dr Jonathan Black, Aviation Medicine
  • Dr Chris Cedarwall, Gastroenterology
  • Dr Catherine Dick, Palliative Care
  • Dr Chris Duffy, General Medicine
  • Dr Niels Dugan, General Medicine
  • Dr Ben Griffiths, Gastroenterology
  • Dr Ian Gwynne-Robson, Palliative Medicine
  • Dr Martyn Horsfall, Palliative Care
  • Dr Estella Jones, Gastroenterology
  • Dr Purwa Joshi, Neurology
  • Dr James Kay, Palliative Care
  • Dr Delamy Keall, Palliative Care
  • Dr Marion Leighton, General Medicine
  • Dr Gordon Maxwell, General Medicine
  • Dr Victoria McGarrigle, Gastroenterology
  • Dr Anna Meuli, Palliative Care
  • Dr Tom Middlemiss, Palliative medicine
  • Dr Mala Naidu, Palliative Care
  • Dr Annabel Nickol, Respiratory
  • Dr Anne-Marie O'Farrell, Palliative Care
  • Dr Phillip Pybass, General Medicine
  • Dr Nigel Raymond, General Medicine
  • Dr Arjun Sugumaran, Gastroenterology
  • Dr Justin Travers, General Medicine
  • Dr Wendy Tsai, Palliative Care
  • Dr Lynn Twigley, Palliative Care
  • Dr Eloise Watson, Palliative Medicine
  • Dr Miles Williams, Cardiology

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