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Caroline-Shorter---Research-FellowBSc, MSc (Hons), PhDSenior Research Fellow

Contact details

Department of Medicine
University of Otago Wellington
PO Box 7343
Wellington 6242
New Zealand

Tel +64 4 385 5541 ext 6714


Research interests

My research area involves investigating sites and exposure of occupants to fungi and allergens in indoor built environments, looking specifically at how allergens accumulate and are removed from textiles in homes. My research projects have included applications of biocides to textiles to kill house dust mites, house dust mite allergen and fungal spore accumulation and disturbance from different flooring constructions, types and levels of fungi in wool and synthetic bedding and the effect of carpet construction and wear on the removal of allergen by vacuuming.

My current research role is with the Wellington Asthma Research Group, working on the HRC funded HOME study, which examines what housing factors may be associated with new onset wheezing in children.

I am also conducting PhD research on fungal levels in the home and the relationship to children's respiratory health. This is particularly topical because of the worldwide increase in allergic diseases such as asthma over the last few decades. Identification of indoor allergens, their sites of accumulation and an individual's exposure levels are all critical to understanding how they can be reduced in the indoor environment.


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