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Jean Hay Jean's interests include (specifically) the management of continence problems, and (more broadly) supporting behaviour change in rehabilitation settings. With regard to research methodology, Jean has experience of highly quantitative designs (such as systematic review and meta-analysis, and randomised trials), observational designs (such as before and after studies), and qualitative approaches (such as qualitative and interpretative description, reflexive thematic analysis, and interpretative phenomenological analysis).

She has a growing interest in co-design, and implementation research. Jean is the Academic Lead of RTRU. She also greatly enjoys postgraduate thesis supervision and teaching.

Jean teaches:
REHB 701 Rehabilitation Principles
HASC 701 Working in Interprofessional Clinical Teams



Dakic, J., Hay-Smith, J., Lin, K., Cook, J., & Frawley, H. (2023). Women’s preferences for pelvic floor screening in sports: A mixed methods study integrating survey and interview data. Journal of Science & Medicine in Sport, 26(Suppl. 2), (pp. S183-S184). doi: 10.1016/j.jsams.2023.08.101

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Dakic, J. G., Hay-Smith, E. J. C., Lin, K.-Y., Cook, J. L., & Frawley, H. C. (2023). Women's preferences for pelvic floor screening in sport and exercise: A mixed-methods study integrating survey and interview data in Australian women. British Journal of Sports Medicine. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1136/bjsports-2023-107017

Dakic, J., Hay-Smith, J., Kuan-Yin, L., Cook, J., & Frawley, H. (2023). Experience of playing sport/exercising for women with pelvic floor symptoms: A qualitative study. Australian & New Zealand Continence Journal, 29(2), (pp. 22-23). doi: 10.33235/anzcj.29.2.22-47

Silva, M., Hay-Smith, E. J., & Graham, F. (2023). Exploring the use of the Behavior Change Technique Taxonomy and the Persuasive System Design Model in defining parent-focused eHealth interventions: Scoping review. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 25, e42083. doi: 10.2196/42083

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