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Head of Department

Dr Sara FilocheAssociate Professor Sara Filoche

Head of Department
Associate Dean Research


+64 4 918 6125


Honorary Professors

Senior Professional Practice Fellow

Dr Roopi Gill, 6th Year and Trainee Intern Convenor

Senior Lecturers

Dr Rebecca Crabbe
Dr Ausha De Silva
Dr Dylan Hohepa
Dr Toral Kamdar
Dr Fali Langdana
Dr Simon McDowell
Dr Andrew Murray
Dr Sandeep Naik
Dr Judy Ormandy, 5th Year Convenor
Dr Leigh Searle
Dr Simon Scheck

Clinical Senior Lecturers

Dr Andrew Aitken
Dr Sanni Aschenberger
Dr Kate Bartlett
Debbie Bean
Dr Nick Bedford
Janet Campbell
Dr Paul Canning
Dr Nemisha Chhana
Dr Liz Childs
Dr Nicole Egan
Dr Sarah Fairley
Dr Kirsten Gaerty
Dr Justine Gearry
Dr Alison Grant
Dr Jenny Hayward
Annette Hobbs-Tuitea
Dr Anna Hudspith
Dr Ed Hyde
Dr Maha Jaber
Karen Lash
Dr Karen Leeman
Dr Kylie MacDonald
Dr Colina McKeown
Dr Jeremy Meates
Dr Sean Pocock
Dr Gretchen Pomare
Ngarangi Pritchards
Dr Cathy Stephenson
Dr Phil Suisted
Dr Chani Tromop-van Dalen
Dr Elaine White
Dr Daisy Wildash

Honorary Clinical Lecturers

Dr Riki Anderson
Dr Emily Bye
Dr Michael Elkin
Dr Chu Handsby
Dr Zoe Lahood
Dr Rachel Lines
Dr Stephanie Luoni
Dr Caitlin O'Rourke
Dr Cassidy Salter
Dr Amelia Shaw
Dr Tea Vaeau
Dr Rosie Whiting
Dr Helen Yu

Research collaborators

Dr Claire Henry, Research Collaborator

Dr Parimala Kanagasabai, Research Fellow
Tel +64 4 918 4502

Niamh Ireland-Blake, Research Assistant

Te Eru Pomare
Department of Public Health

Molly Dore, Postgraduate Student
O&G and Surgery Departments

Linda Williams, Postgraduate Student
O&G and Surgery Departments

Professional staff

Sophie Petelaud
Lead Administrator Client Services
Tel +64 4 832 3015

Mercina Nielsen
Trainee Interns, and DipObs Teaching Coordinator
Client Services Administrator
General Administration and Head of Department Support
Tel +64 4 832 3440

Ted Allan
ALM5 and Trainee Interns Teaching Coordinator
Client Services Administrator
Tel +64 4 832 3376
Email ALM5
Email Trainee Interns

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