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photo of angela_ballantyneAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Primary Health Care & General Practice

Background and Interests

Angela Ballantyne joined the Department in 2010 as a senior lecturer in Bioethics (part-time). Angela teaches medical ethics in the 4th and 5th year ALM program at Wellington. She was President of the International Association of Bioethics (2016-2017) and was the ethics member of the Central Ethics Committee (HDEC) NZ (2010-2018). In 2016 she received a NZ Marsden Fast Start grant and in 2015 a UOW Award for Best Emerging Researcher. Her research interests include exploitation, research ethics, vulnerability, ethics of pregnancy and reproductive technologies, and secondary use research with clinical data.

Originally from New Zealand, where she gained her BSc in Genetics and Molecular Biology from Victoria University, Angela has worked in a wide range of international settings, including Australia, England, Europe and the United States. She received her PhD in Bioethics from Monash University (Australia), and spent a year of her doctorate program undertaking research at Imperial College London. She has worked in schools of medicine, primary health care and philosophy. Her interest in global health policy lead to a position as Technical Officer for Genetics and Ethics for the Human Genetics unit at WHO in Geneva in 2005, where she worked on projects concerning the ethical, legal and social issues associated with medical genetics. Prior to returning to New Zealand, Angela was a Visiting Scholar at the Yale University Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics.

Teaching Activities

Undergraduate Medical Education

  • 4th and 5th year Professional Development and Ethics (PDE) lectures, tutorials and essays
  • Abortion and Paediatric ethics tutorials

Postgraduate Education

Guest lectures/workshops on research ethics.

Research Activities

Just Published: Clinical Research Involving Pregnant Women, Edited By Françoise Baylis and Angela Ballantyne

Angela's work focuses on research ethics, global health and justice, and feminist bioethics.

Her current projects include:

  • The ethics of research on clinical data and tissue without explicit patient consent. (Marsden Fast Start 2016-12019).
  • Ethical frameworks for including pregnant women in research (UORG and Springer Book forthcoming)
  • INCISIVE : On the Cutting Edge – Promoting Best Practice in Surgical Innovation (Funded by the Australian Research Council under the Linkage Projects scheme)

Download Angela's full curriculum vitae


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