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University of Otago staff wear respirator (N95) masks.

23 May 2024

Review highlights benefits of masks

Medical researchers from the University of Otago, Wellington, are calling for Ao...

Woman exhaling after vaping

22 May 2024

Passing around, proxies and dodgy dairies

Underage youth in Aotearoa New Zealand are accessing e-cigarettes (or vapes) usi...


15 May 2024

Improved RHD treatment delivery trial popular

A new way of delivering treatment to prevent rheumatic heart disease progression...

homeless thumbnail 640

18 Apr 2024

Housing, support benefits homeless

Being supported to find a home and then receiving ongoing specialised support se...

Migraine sufferer thumbnail

22 Mar 2024

Not just a headache: migraine causing significant disability

More than a quarter of people who live with migraine disease say the condition h...

Sarah Bierre standing in front of wall.

06 Mar 2024

Better regulation could reduce deaths, injuries at home, researchers say

New regulations for private rental properties are needed to reduce injuries from...

Janet Hoek image

27 Feb 2024

Repeal of smokefree laws means thousands will die, researchers warn

The repeal of Aotearoa’s world-leading smokefree legislation means thousands of...

Andrea Teng image

31 Jan 2024

Pacific nations tax unhealthy foods to tackle NCD crisis

Pacific Island governments are increasingly imposing taxes on unhealthy foods as...

Dr Catriona Murray

15 Dec 2023

COVID-19 contact tracing lessons could be applied to STIs, researcher says

A centralised contact tracing system for sexually transmitted infections, suitab...

Ruth Cunningham 2023 image

16 Nov 2023

Study highlights discrimination of mental health patients due to clinician bias

A survey, carried out by University of Otago researchers, reveals a significant...

Megan Leask, Bridgette Toy-Cronin, Andrea Teng composite image

02 Nov 2023

Otago 2023 Marsden recipients announced

Established and emerging Otago researchers have won prestigious research funding...

Close up of the Clocktower clock at jaunty angle.

27 Oct 2023

Fellowships awarded to five Otago researchers

Five University of Otago researchers are being celebrated with Royal Society Te...

This page consists of media releases from the Department of Public Health within the last 12 months. For anything prior to that, please see the media release archive page.

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