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We invite those interested in PhD and Master's study in Public Health to consider the outstanding opportunities available at the Wellington campus of the University of Otago.

Our research students are supervised by a world-class team of academics, committed to providing doctoral level research training of the highest calibre. The breadth of research undertaken in our department is as amazing as it is vast.

So how do you find the opportunity that's right for you?

Check out the PhD and Master's topics already available.

Or, if you are interested in a PhD or Master's degree but are not sure what your topic area would be, please email Emma will get in touch and help steer you in the right direction.

Or if you already have an area of interest, feel free to contact one of our research groups directly with any questions or to discuss ideas for possible research topics.

Research Group contact details for prospective postgraduate students

Research group Research Directors
ASPIRE2025 Professor Richard Edwards
Burden of Disease Epidemiology, Equity and Cost-Effectiveness Programme (BODE³) Associate Professor Nick Wilson
Cancer and Chronic Conditions (C3) research group Associate Professor Jason Gurney
Health Environment and Infection Research Unit (HEIRU) Professor Michael Baker
Health Promotion and Public Health Policy Research Unit (HePPRU) Associate Professor Louise Signal
New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman
He Kainga Oranga/Housing and Health Research Programme Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman
Te Rōpū Rangahau Hauora A Eru Pōmare Bridget Robson

Contact for enquiries

Emma Osborne
Department of Public Health
University of Otago, Wellington

Or for administrative queries:


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