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James Stanley, UOW

Biostatistician, Research Professor

Contact details

Tel +64 4 918 6044
Fax +64 4 389 5319

Research interests and activities

I joined the University of Otago, Wellington as a Research Fellow in April 2007. In 2024 I was promoted to Research Professor. I am also currently the Director of the Biostatistical Group at the University of Otago, Wellington.

Since joining Otago as a biostatistician, I have been a coinvestigator on over 20 large externally funded projects, including work with the C3 research group (led by Professor Diana Sarfati) on multimorbidity in New Zealand, and multiple projects on cancer-related outcomes. I also work with Research Professor Ricci Harris and Dr Donna Cormack on several projects on how racism influences health (including an HRC project for which I am the Principal Investigator, HRC 17/066), and with Professor Richard Edwards and Andrew Waa on several tobacco control projects through the ASPIRE research group. I am also a co-director of the Integrated Data Research Group.

I am currently Director of the Biostatistical Group for the Wellington campus, where my role includes coordinating colleagues and collaborating with researchers across the campus and the broader community. As well as these roles, I teach biostatistical and research methods in several formal courses at UOW (including co-convening the HASC417 Research Methods paper), as well as developing and running practical workshops on statistical methods for staff and students.

Prior to joining the University of Otago as a biostatistician, I trained and worked as an experimental psychologist, with a PhD from the University of Otago (graduated 2004) and post-doctoral experience in cognitive neuroscience (University of Birmingham in the UK, 2004-2006).

Research groups

Other research links

Our work on comorbidity and multimorbidity has included several indices for adjusting for morbidity load in epidemiological and population-level studies.
We have SAS code available for these indices (C3, PBCI, M3 and P3).

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Lawrenson, R., Lao, C., Stanley, J., Teng, A., Kuper-Hommel, M., Campbell, I., Krebs, J., Sika-Paotonu, D., … Gurney, J. (2024). Does diabetes affect breast cancer survival? Cancer Reports, e2040. doi: 10.1002/cnr2.2040

Gurney, J., Davies, A., Stanley, J., Whitehead, J., Costello, S., Dawkins, P., … Jackson, C. G. C. A., Lawrenson, R., Scott, N., & Koea, J. (2024). Equity of travel to access surgery and radiation therapy for lung cancer in New Zealand. Supportive Care in Cancer, 32, 171. doi: 10.1007/s00520-024-08375-9

Gurney, J., Davies, A., Stanley, J., Cameron, L., Costello, S., Dawkins, P., … Jackson, C. G. C. A., Lawrenson, R., Whitehead, J., & Koea, J. (2024). Access to and timeliness of lung cancer surgery, radiation therapy, and systemic therapy in New Zealand: A universal health care context. JCO Global Oncology, 10, e2300258. doi: 10.1200/GO.23.00258

Teng, A., Stanley, J., Jackson, C., Koea, J., Lao, C., Lawrenson, R., … Sika-Paotonu, D., & Gurney, J. (2024). The growing cancer burden: Age-period-cohort projections in Aotearoa New Zealand 2020-2044. Cancer Epidemiology, 89, 102535. doi: 10.1016/j.canep.2024.102535

Harris, R., Cormack, D., Waa, A., Edwards, R., & Stanley, J. (2024). The impact of racism on subsequent healthcare use and experiences for adult New Zealanders: A prospective cohort study. BMC Public Health, 24, 136. doi: 10.1186/s12889-023-17603-6

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