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Living in Wellington

Wellington City accommodation

Wellington is a great place to study. It is small enough to walk almost everywhere but it also has excellent public transport so everything is super-accessible. And there's so much going on, no matter what you're into. From Homegrown to night markets to cool cafes to diving boards off the amazing waterfront. Not to mention Te Papa, Zealandia, Wellywood, Cuba St…

And for a weekend away, there are so many opportunities to venture out and explore the surf, snow and the great outdoors.

Choosing your accommodation: first-year students

Wellington City accommodation The Wellington region offers a variety of housing for students. Radiation Therapy Students can apply to Victoria University and Massey University accommodation in Wellington. This is often a popular option for first year students, especially those away from home for the first time. You need to apply directly with those Universities and it is up to them whether a place will be offered to you.

Apartments are also a popular option, and many students will flat together. On average rents range from NZD$200 – $270.00 per bedroom in an unfurnished flat. A lease would normally operate from 1 February to 30 January.

Visit the Student Accommodation website for more information and recommendations:

Accommodation in Wellington

Useful information for students flatting within New Zealand

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