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Related Zebrafish Links

The following links provide additional information on zebrafish and their role in research.

Zebrafish school

  • ZFIN is home to the Zebrafish Model Organism Database—A directory for researchers to access zebrafish-related resources.
  • ZIRC is the Zebrafish International Resource Centre—A stock centre, holding the various strains of zebrafish centrally.
  • Ensemble's Zebrafish Genome Browser is a central genome database, which offers information free online.
  • University of California Santa Cruz Zebrafish Genome Brower is developed and maintained by the University's Genome Bioinformatics Group.
  • Zebrafish in the Classroom is designed to be a resource for teachers and students who are using zebrafish in undergraduate courses.
  • International Zebrafish Society is an umbrella group that helps to facilitate the exchange of information and resources within the zebrafish community.
  • Fish for Pharma presents a short summary of why zebrafish make an ideal animal model for research.
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