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email: Damsteegt

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Research Interests

  • Lipid dynamics during maturation in freshwater eels
  • Drivers of semelparity in salmonids
  • Endocrine control of oogenesis
  • Involvement of androgens in female reproduction
  • Osmoregulation in teleosts


Postgraduate Students

  • Lucila Babio (PhD, Zoology) - Vitellogenesis in the shortfinned eel, Anguilla australis: physiology of vitellogenin uptake and its receptor(s).
  • Sisitha Ramachandra (PhD, Zoology) - The effect of different hormones and the changes in the molecular bases of fresh water eels during silvering.
  • Erica Donlon (MSc, Marine Science) - Growth, developmental rates, and ageing methods of the midget octopus Octopus huttoni.


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