Pastoral care and spiritual support for students and staff


At this challenging time of year we write to wish you all the best for your exams. Try to maintain some balance in your life during this exam season. It’s all too easy to get overwhelmed, run down and stressed out. Combat this by eating well, getting enough sleep, and taking regular time out from study to relax and unwind. Exercise is also important. Keep calm and carry on. The main thing is, when exams are over, to know that you have done your best. It will be worth it!

There are many people within our University community who are available to help you, including a wide range of student services staff (see

Take care,

Greg, Mark, Mike, Lyn, Paul, Amy and Sherrema
Otago University Chaplaincy Team

Spiritual and religious guidance on campus

Otago Tertiary Chaplains are here to walk with people of faith as the "God persons" here on campus. We are not out to convert you, but to accompany you if you find yourself dealing with spiritual or religious questions. To be what the Irish call an anam chara - a soul friend.

We are here to provide pastoral care and a listening ear, to support people of faith (or no faith) in groups or individually, to pray with or for you, and to provide worship opportunities (informal or formal).


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