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Information Services Building, Academic Services

General Enquiries(479) 8910
Fax(479) 8947
Library Liaison Service

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University Librarian's Office | Information Services Building

Howard Amos University Librarian(479) 8933
Charlotte Ball Executive Assistant(479) 8932

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Central Services | Information Services Building

Fax(479) 8947

Maureen Miller Associate University Librarian - Central Services(479) 8935
Valma Fisher Library Administration Manager(479) 8931
Quentin Johnson Finance and Operations Manager(479) 8700
Simon Hart Policy, Planning and Evaluation Librarian(479) 9617
Mark Hughes Facilities Planning Coordinator021 249 8206C
(479) 8206
David Butterfield Team Leader(479) 8911
Jan Bradley Finance Assistant(479) 5021
Trilby Ashworth Administrative Assistant(479) 3960
Alva Manson Administrative Assistant(479) 3985


General Enquiries(479) 8924

Don Tobin Foreman Binder(479) 9194
Stephen Butler Binder(479) 8924
Romilly Smith Binder(479) 8924
Trilby Ashworth Bindery Assistant(479) 8924
Jennifer Hawkins Bindery Assistant(479) 8924
Raylene Van Egmond Bindery Assistant(479) 8924

Client Services

General Enquiries / Renewals(479) 8910
0800 347 826
General Enquiries / Interloans(479) 8376
High Demand Desk(479) 8913
High Demand Services(479) 7557
Storage Facilities Enquiries(479) 9193
Staff Room(479) 8930

Helen Brett Client Services Manager(479) 8914
Jacinda Boivin Flexible Delivery Services Librarian(479) 5613
Tina Broderick Team Leader (Central / Law Library)(479) 5116
Teresa La Rooy Team Leader (Central Library)(479) 8803
Lucy Atkinson Library Assistant(479) 5067
Mareike Barton Library Assistant(479) 5067
Claire Bell Library Assistant(479) 8940
Marni Boynton Library Assistant(479) 5067
Bronwyn Clarke Library Assistant(479) 5067
Melanie Lewis Library Assistant(479) 9776
Abby Ludemann Library Assistant(479) 5067
Amber Marshall Library Assistant(479) 5067
Jessie Neilson Library Assistant(479) 8376
Christy Paterson Library Assistant(479) 7557
Donna Waitere Library Assistant(479) 5067
Dana Young Library Assistant(479) 5067


General Enquiries(479) 8912

John Hughes Reprographic Unit Supervisor(479) 8951
Dammika Iddamalgoda Reprographic Operator(479) 8912
Richard Munro Reprographic Operator(479) 6079
Elly Reichman Reprographic Operator(479) 8912

Library Facility Services

General Enquiries(479) 8926

Dave Dyer Supervisor(479) 5055
Linnane Jenkins Assistant(479) 8926
Ray Nelson Assistant(479) 8926
Robert Smeaton Assistant(479) 4147

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Information Resources | Information Services Building

Book Enquiries(479) 9782
Cataloguing Enquiries(479) 8918
E-resource Enquiries(479) 9780
Serials Enquiries(479) 5234
Fax(479) 7640

Marilyn Fordyce Associate University Librarian - Information Resources(479) 8923
Jo Kennedy Resource Assessment Librarian(479) 5872

Resource Access

Sonya Maclaurin Service Manager Resource Access(479) 4974
Paul Barton Information Resources Librarian(479) 9781
Louisa Fisher Information Resources Librarian(479) 9780
Madelene Turnbull Information Resources Librarian(479) 9780
Sarah Rooney Library Assistant(479) 5067

Resource Acquisition

Paula Hasler Service Manager Resource Acquisition(479) 8928
Monique Black Information Resources Librarian(479) 8927
Lucy Bradley Information Resources Librarian(479) 9782
Rhys Thorn Information Resources Librarian(479) 4924
Cherie Kerr Library Assistant(479) 9782
Terri Lo Library Assistant(479) 8918
Julie Russell Library Assistant(479) 5234
Linda White Library Assistant(479) 5234

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Applications and Development Services | Information Services Building

Gillian Elliot Research Services Librarian(479) 8936


Help Desk/General Enquiries(479) 8900

Helen Brownlie Systems Librarian(479) 8921
Simon Read Assistant Systems Librarian(479) 5104
Mike Schaaf Technical Support Specialist(479) 3964
David Xie Technical Support Specialist(479) 5726

Web and Digital Initiatives

Merrin Brewster Web Developer(479) 4083
Allison Brown Digital Services Co-ordinator(479) 3961
Emmanuel Delaborde Team Leader, Digital Services(479) 8135
Michel de Lange Developer, Digital Services(479) 8919
Ed Liddle Technical Support Officer(479) 8919
Hailing Situ Developer, Digital Services(479) 9034

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Information Services | ISB

Cate Bardwell Associate University Librarian - Information Services(479) 5397
Judy Fisher Learning Services Librarian(479) 7404

Commerce & Humanities | Central Library

Fax(479) 8327

Sue Weddell Divisional Manager(479) 7484
Charlotte Brown Subject Librarian(479) 8976
Catherine Robertson Subject Librarian(479) 8915
Teresa Smith Subject Librarian(479) 5653
Donald Kerr Special Collections Librarian(479) 8330
Romilly Smith Special Collections Assistant(479) 8330

Robertson Library | 135 Union Street East

General Enquiries / Renewals(479) 3793
High Demand(479) 3793

Paula Whitelock Robertson Librarian(479) 3806
Lisa Chisholm Subject Librarian(479) 4935
Alexander Ritchie Subject Librarian(479) 7827
Shiobhan Smith Subject Librarian(479) 7935

Client Services

Belinda Holdsworth Team Leader(479) 4279
Tanya Low Library Assistant(479) 4287
Liz Norman Library Assistant(479) 3793
Susan Pennock Library Assistant(479) 3793
Blair Turnbull Library Assistant(479) 3793

Law Library | Richardson Building

Fax(479) 5070
General Enquiries / Renewals(479) 8837

Kate Thompson Law Librarian(479) 8836

Client Services

Judi Eathorne-Gould Library Assistant(479) 8837
Jane McMillan Library Assistant(479) 8837
Mike Smith Library Assistant(479) 8837

Health Sciences Library | Sayers Building, Medical School

Information Desk(479) 5435
Circulation/Renewals(479) 7401

Richard German Divisional Librarian(479) 7403
Thelma Fisher Subject Librarian(479) 7237
Trish Leishman Subject Librarian(479) 7407
Christy Ballard Subject Librarian(479) 7459

Client Services

Ruth McCarthy Library Assistant(479) 7406
Dierdre O'Neill Library Assistant(479) 7410
Christine Wither Library Assistant(479) 7410
Jan Wyllie Library Assistant(479) 7410
Janet Youngson Library Assistant(479) 7406

Science Library | Science III Building

General Enquiries/Renewals(479) 7822
Document Delivery/Interloans(479) 7823
High Demand(479) 7828
Staff Room(479) 7824

Melanie Remy Divisional Librarian(479) 7486
Justin Farquhar Subject Librarian(479) 7825
Lynne Knapp Subject Librarian(470) 4772

Client Services

Sarah Fairhurst Library Assistant(479) 7828
Mark Muir Library Assistant(479) 7823
Rosie Vlietstra Library Assistant(479) 7828

The Southland Campus Library | 100 Nelson Street, Invercargill

General Enquiries03 211 6816
Fax03 216 1399

Client Services

Paula Woods Team Leader03 211 6804
Paula McIntyre Library Assistant03 211 6878
Cheryl Robertson Library Assistant03 211 6818

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Hocken Collections | 90 Anzac Avenue

Fax(479) 5078
Archives & Manuscripts(479) 8875
Pictorial Collections Enquiries(479) 8871
Reference Desk(479) 8879
General Enquiries(479) 8868
Publications(479) 5028
Copying Service---mornings only(479) 3720
Staff Room(479) 8877

Sharon Dell Hocken Librarian(479) 8874
Anna Blackman Curator of Archives & Manuscripts(479) 8867
Jeanette Wikaira Māori Resources Portfolio LIbrarian(479) 8972
Peter Sime Publications Co-ordinator(479) 8873
Jacinta Beckwith Kaitiaki Mātauranga Māori(479) 8539

Sara Barham(479) 8827
Iain Chambers Retriever(479) 8827
Ali Clarke Library Assistant Reference(479) 8879
Karen Craw Library Assistant---Maps(479) 8377
Victoria France Library Assistant(479) 8871
Debbie Gale Archivist(479) 8875
Judith Holloway Team Leader(479) 8569
Mary Lewis Library Assistant Pictorial(479) 8870
Katherine Milburn Liaison Librarian Ephemera(471) 6143
Amanda Mills Liaison Librarian Music and AV(471) 6143
David Murray Assistant Archivist(479) 8875
Anna Petersen Assistant Curator---Photographs(479) 8870
Mark Quarrie Library Assistant Office(479) 8868
Emma Scott Library Assistant(479) 4372
Sarah Snelling Registrar(479) 5600
Megan Vaughan Library Assistant Periodicals(479) 4372
Kari Wilson-Allan Library Assistant(479) 8569
Chris Youngson Shelving Assistant(479) 8827

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