Cumberland College: Your home away from home at Otago

A welcoming, friendly, community of scholars

Cumberland College is a place where people matter. Expect the staff to get to know you, to treat you in a friendly and professional manner. Your academic success is our focus, but we also value your sporting, cultural and social interests. 

You’ll feel it right away - Cumberland is a friendly, vibrant residential college. We have a comprehensive tutorial system, complimented by an active and varied social, sporting and cultural programme, so you can get the best out of your first year at Otago.

The academic focus

Most importantly Cumberland College provides the ideal place to be during your first year of study at the University of Otago.

We value your academic success highly and as such we allocate most bedrooms by course - so you will be living and learning with people doing the same course as you, giving an amazing academic advantage.

Residential and Entrance Fees 2014

Payment for the Entrance fee for Cumberland College and Cumberland Court can be made by Credit card using the University of Otago' secure Payment page.

'The Court'

Cumberland Court is a residential community affiliated to Cumberland College. ‘The Court’ is a great option for students who are starting their journey into student life and want the chance to make friends, live in a safe place, be really close to the action on campus, and have fun!

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