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Dunedin School of Medicine

The Dunedin School of Medicine promotes the extension, sharing, and application of knowledge in the science and practice of medicine, public health, and allied disciplines. Our staff undertake research of an international standard in health, biomedical sciences, and related disciplines, and apply that knowledge in delivering research-based undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional education programmes.

Upcoming Events

Professor Paul Roth - The law of armed conflict

Friday, 5 December 2014

War involves lawful assault and killing. Nevertheless, there are still legal limits as to what belligerents may do. The wounded, prisoners, and civilians are protected by the “rules and customs of war”, including the Geneva Conventions, and the means of waging war are not unlimited. Exploding bullets were the first to be banned nearly 150 years ago, but autonomous killer robots now loom on the horizon. Whether war should be regulated by rules, and if so, who should make those rules, is by no means a universally agreed proposition.