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Current research students

MA Candidates Research topic
Sarah Bartley Exploring the relationship between parental attitudes and experiences of mathematics, and maths anxiety in children
Byron Sanders Does explicit teacher instruction of resilience increase a child’s resilience?
Eileen Woodhead The world is mud-luscious and puddle wonderful.

PhD Candidates

Research topic

Shire Agnew Construction of menstruation in puberty education.
Megan Anakin Student performance and classroom assessment.
Keely Blanch Understandings of digital citizenship.
Kim Brown Learning at the boundaries: Collective learning practices for postgraduate students arising from peer-mediated activities.
Sally Carson Turning the tide: Experiments in engaging the community with science organisations for long-term environmental change.
Rafaela Costa Camoes Rabello Corporate social investment in the mining, oil and gas sector in developing countries. A way of addressing local human development via education.
Max Gold Teaching for deep understanding.
Fiona Hagan Girls' experiences of secondary school mathematics.
Kym Hill New Zealand early childhood teachers teaching abroad
Kaye Kara Assessment, achievement and biculturalism: A philosophical and historical discussion
Scott Klenner Teacher subjectivity and gifted education in NZ.
Elizabeth Pakai Marakihau (Taniwha of Māori mythology).
Gloria Penrice Discourses of rural primary school science.
Sylvia Robertson How is pedagogical dialogue perceived to contribute to teacher expertise and school effectiveness?
Tracy Rogers The support mechanisms of secondary school girls in Cambodia: Explaining retention rates.
Lara Sanderson The secret life of us: Secondary and tertiary educators with impairments and/or chronic illness.
Esther Smaill Moderation: Assessment for professional learning in education (Teacher experiences and assessment outcome).
Jackie Tagg Towards successful academic literacy: A multiple case study of non-English speaking background students moving from university bridging courses into mainstream university programmes.
Lien Trinh Sex talk in the homestay environment: An understanding of the sexual education/awareness of international students living with host families in New Zealand.

EdD Candidates

Research topic

Chris Addington "Constable, Priest, Cheerleader, Tutor, Student”. A Proposal for Studying the Expectations of First-Year Residential Assistants' in Residential Halls and Colleges.
Owen Arnst Childhood spirituality in the context of a New Zealand primary school.
Yvonne Brouwer Narratives of experience: Beginning teachers developing biculturally responsive pedagogy.
Sarah Brown Transition to school.
Cecilia Cooper Invisible women: A qualitative study of mothers of colour in the context of educational leadership.
Tracey Cullen Assessing reading comprehension is problematic: Why teachers continue to use informal reading inventories when there are alternative methods.
Helen Emberson An exploration of the nature of physically active play in New Zealand early childhood education.
Alison Fields Putting support where the learners are: A multiple case study of embedded librarians within New Zealand online tertiary classrooms.
Jack Gibbs Perceptions of Year 13 boys using silent in-school individual study time during timetabled study period.
Maxine Karl How can a participatory action research project into writing pedagogy support teachers to enhance their writing programme?
Alex Kirk Is there a relationship between how physiotherapy students approach learning and their clinical reasoning in online tertiary classrooms?
Fiona McAlevey “Do we dance at work Mummy?” An ethnographic exploration of the meanings young children place on adults’ work.
Jacqui Murray A quantitative and qualitative enquiry that investigates written lecturer feedback and its use by students in the development of writing.
Sara Murray Countering cultural confusion: Successful practicum for immigrant Asian student teachers and their associates.
Paul Prangley Exploring the links between measures of self-esteem and reading measures in New Zealand third wave students
Donna Price An investigation into using personalised feedback to improve student achievement
Jenny Vermunt Who is the student teacher? Aligning personal and professional values when learning to teach.
Colin White New Zealand teachers in the Middle East: A critical analysis of their experiences.
Mike Wright

The contours and expressions of contemporary student spirituality at a New Zealand university: An exploratory study.