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Nursing at Student Health

We provide a comprehensive range of primary health care.
Please advise reception if you require a thirty minute appointment.

Urgent Nurse Appointments (15 mins)

Emergency Contraception
Tinea- athletes foot, jock itch
UTI / bladder infection - no back pain (females only)
Conjunctivitis (Both eyes sticky, red, no contact lens)
Impetigo (school sores)
Minor Wound / Burn / Sprain
Cellulitis IV treatment - 30 min
Removal of Stitches / Sutures
Thrush Symptoms (females only) 30 min

Routine Nurse Appointments (15mins)

Repeat contraceptive pill (if prescribed by Student Health GP in last 12 months)
Depo Provera (if prescribed by Student Health GP in last 12 months)
Condom script (available at any appointment – and free to take from toilets)
Chlamydia check (also available with any appointment)
Contraceptive Advice
Pregnancy Test
Removal of stitches / sutures
Wound dressing
Minor wound /burn /sprains
Blood Pressure Testing
Ear check / ear wax advice (Please note we do not syringe ears)
Hayfever Medication (if prescribed by Student Health GP in last 12 months)
Vision and Hearing Testing
Wart treatment
Routine vaccinations including HPV or Gardasil, Meningitis, Hep B (some vaccine charges may apply)
Support and advice if you are unsure about anything

Nurse Appointments (30 Mins)

Routine cervical smear (includes routine STI check)
Routine STI checks (females only)
Immunotherapy (only after review with Student Health Services GP)
Asthma including asthma meds repeat – must be prescribed by Student Health GP in the last 12 months ( up to 5 free appts per year )
Healthy Lifestyle programme – smoking cessation, healthy eating / activity / alcohol support ( up to 5 free appts per year)
Diabetes Monitoring & free annual check for NZ Residents ( 2 free appts per year)
Pregnancy advice and support

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