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Category Finance
Type Procedure
Approved by Chief Financial Officer
Date Policy Took Effect18 April 2024
Last approved revision 
Sponsor Financial Controller
Responsible officer Team Leader Accounts Payable & Processing


These procedures relate to the application and reconciliation of Student cash advances.

Organisational scope

These procedures apply to all students travelling at the expensive of the University.


University appointed Mandatory Travel Agent


  1. Advance conditions and criteria

    1. An advance can be provided for Students traveling on University business.
    2. Advances can be paid no earlier than one week before travel.
    3. Application for a cash advance can be made by completing a Student Cash Advance Application Form. The claim will be processed through the Accounts Payable Office.
      1. Advances are not to be used for personal or unauthorised expenditure.
      2. Overseas currency must not be purchased by individuals through travel agents or banks and billed to the University.
      3. All air travel, both domestic and international, must be booked through an MTA as per the Travel Planning Procedure.
  2. Type of Advance

    1. Direct Credit of cash advance to the student’s personal bank account once the student has entered all details into eVision.
  3. Claiming an Advance

    1. Advances are claimed through the Accounts Payable Office on a Student Cash Advance Form and must contain:
      1. Details of travel e.g. destination, start and end date of travel.
      2. Date the advance is required (paid no earlier than one week before travel).
      3. Amount of advance required.
      4. Your title, full name, and department you are undertaking University business for.
      5. The advance claim student cash advance form must be signed by the claimant and authorised in terms of the Financial Delegations Policy.
  4. Advance obligations

    1. Advance recipient will be obligated to follow all University of Otago policies and procedures.
    2. Advance recipient must obtain a GST receipt for all purchases and these must be provided to the University to support all purchases via the cash advance.
  5. When you return from travel

    1. Within ten days of returning from travel, please return supporting documentation (receipts) to the department to reconcile.
    2. Any funds not spent must be paid into the University’s bank account as soon as possible after the travel expiry date. The University’s bank account can be found online. Unspent funds are not to be passed to other departmental staff or students for travel use.
      University of Otago banking information
    3. The reconciliation should be signed by the claimant and authorised in terms of the Financial Delegations Policy.
      Financial Delegations Policy
  6. Other

    1. Only certain currencies are negotiable in New Zealand, and it is the claimant’s responsibility to convert any foreign currency before or after returning.
    2. No foreign coins are accepted for banking in New Zealand.
    3. Failure to provide all itemised receipts for the full cash advance amount will result in the claimant being required to reimburse the University.

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