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Fieldwork is an integral part of research and teaching, and significant consideration should be given to safety when out in the field.

Divisions and Departments are expected to develop and operate their own health and safety procedures and processes for field activities. These should be appropriate to the types of activities within Divisions, Departments and Schools.

The Field and Off-Campus Activities Policy aims to provide a safe environment for teaching and research activities conducted 'in the field' and off-campus locations.  It recognises that the best prevention strategy is through planning, preparation, knowledge and management of the hazards.

The Fieldwork and Off-Campus Activities Guidelines assists staff and postgraduate students in planning, managing and coordinating all fieldwork activities in such a way as to protect the safety of staff members, contractors and students.  This includes field trips organised by any department of the University, such as colleges and Unipol.

The Fieldwork Guidelines for Home and Community-based Research Visits provide an oversight of the hazards associated with working alone in the community setting, and practical steps to manage the hazards.

Spot locator beacons

There are a number of emergency spot locator beacons available for University of Otago fieldwork trips.

The Zoology Department administers the booking of these spot locators. If you wish to request one please email at least three working days prior to your departure. There are currently no charges for the use of these beacons.

Personal locator beacons

Recreation Services now has PLB's (Personal Locator Beacons) for hire by members of the University community.

If you are interested in hiring one, bring your University ID (staff or student) to Unipol reception anytime between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

The cost of hire is $5 per use.

These PLB's are for the exclusive use of the University community and not available to the general public, so please ensure that the PLB's will be used by the person presenting their ID.

For further information contact

Key contacts

Andrea McMillan
Director, Health, Safety and Wellbeing

64 3 479 7380Nevan Trotter
Health and Safety Manager

64 3 479 5389

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