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The University of Otago has an excellent reputation for research, and boats may be used in a wide variety of research activities. In some cases small boats are used to travel considerable distances along shore or through a river system, while in other cases use might be restricted to the close vicinity of the launching point.

Want to operate a University of Otago boat?

1. Things you'll need

  • CV of boating experience
  • Completed Maritime NZ fit and proper person form
  • Copy of your boating qualification(s)
  • Copy of your driver's license for day time operation eyesight requirements
  • Additional eyesight assessment for night time operation
  • Medical self-declaration (you can contact Health & Safety to arrange a medical)
  • VHF radio operators license

Consider: Do I really need to operate the boat? Can I hire a boat and skipper?

2. What you need to do

Forward all the above information to your Departmental Boat Officer. If you don't have a Departmental Boat Officer, contact the University Boat Officer in the Health & Safety team.

Ensure you submit all the required information to help expedite approval.

3. Boat handling assessment

Once all your information has been received and checked by the Boat Officer, a boat handling assessment will be arranged. For what is covered in the assessment, please see the University of Otago Small Boats Safe Operating Code of Practice.

Provided you pass the assessment, you are cleared to make use of the university boat under 6 metres in size.

Safe boating policies

The University has two key policies around boating safety:

Safe Boating Policy

The use of boats under six meters in length is recognised as a potential area of high risk. This policy is designed to provide a safe boat operating environment to protect the safety of those individuals involved and ensure compliance with the Maritime Safety Legislation.

Safe Boating Policy

Safe Use of Small Boats (<6m) Code of Practice

This code of practice has been approved by the Director of the Maritime Safety Authority, pursuant to Maritime Rule 35.10, dated 27 May 2004. The Code of Practice provides detailed information on rules and regulations for boating at the University of Otago.

Download the Safe Use of Small Boats (<6m) Code of Practice (PDF format, 150KB)

Niall Pearson
University Boat Officer

64 21 279 1036

Andrea McMillan

Director, Health, Safety and Wellbeing

64 3 479 7380

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