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CategoryAdministration and Management
Approved byVice-Chancellor, 18 September 2019
Date Procedure Took Effect16 September 2019
Last approved revision 
SponsorDeputy Vice-Chancellor, External Engagement
Responsible officerStrategy and Policy Adviser, External Engagement


To ensure a co‑ordinated approach when distinguished or notable people visit the University of Otago, so as to:

  • ensure appropriate arrangements are in place, and
  • maximise the benefit of the visit.

Organisational scope

These procedures apply University-wide. They cover both University and departmentally-organised visits, as well as casual bookings by external parties.


Notable people
For the purposes of these procedures, notable people include:
  • royalty
  • heads of state and government, including prime ministers, presidents and governor generals
  • members of parliament, whether from New Zealand or other countries
  • ambassadors and senior diplomats
  • commissioners or other holders of high office (e.g. the Privacy Commissioner, the Human Rights Commissioner)
  • senior leaders from other universities (e.g. Chancellors and Vice-Chancellors)
  • very high-profile academics
  • any other notable person whose presence at the University may be of special and high-level interest to the public or the wider University community
For the purposes of these procedures a visit is someone physically visiting any University of Otago campus in their official role. Normally, this would be via invitation from some part of the University, but it may also cover casual bookings by external parties.


  1. Any planned visit to the University of Otago by a notable person should be notified to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement) as soon as practicable once the visit becomes a realistic possibility.
  2. Notification should be by:
    1. the department or staff member organising the visit, or
    2. timetable Services in the case of casual bookings
  3. As regards a notified visit, the Division of External Engagement will provide advice and support so as to ensure that:
    1. appropriate hosting arrangements are in place
    2. senior University leaders are involved in visits as appropriate
    3. any necessary security, cultural and other protocols are in place
    4. events are properly publicised and managed, and
    5. the benefits of a visit are maximised for visitors and the University
  4. In seeking to meet its obligations under clause 3, the Division of External Engagement shall consult internally and externally as appropriate, including, but not limited to, consultation with:
    1. the Vice-Chancellor's Office
    2. the Registrar and Secretary to the Council
    3. the Office of Māori Development
    4. the Pacific Development Office
    5. the Proctor's Office
    6. the New Zealand Police
    7. the International Office
    8. Marketing Services, including Events, and
    9. Communications.
  5. Notwithstanding clause 3, departments, staff and external parties organising events will, within the existing limitation of University policies and processes, retain control over their events; overall responsibility for the financing and organisation of their events; and overall responsibility for the hosting of, and costs associated with, related visitors.

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External Engagement

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