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There are several components to a Job Evaluation request. Getting all the relevant documentation completed and approved will speed up the process. Prior to evaluation all the requirements outlined under the Professional Staff Appointment Policy need to be met.

Preparing a Job Description for evaluation

Job Descriptions must be written using the University of Otago Job Description Template. The title must align with the University's Organisational Design Model – the process that established the Divisional Services and Administration roles. Considerations include the nature of the role, grade and organisational structure.

The University Organisational Design team is working through the process to create standard Job Descriptions for all Professional Staff. Over 260 job descriptions have been written and evaluated. These JDs have a 'P number' and include the Capability Framework. They only apply to the position specified in the title and can only be changed by the Design team.

Job Analysis Questionnaire

A Job Analysis Questionnaire is available to assist with writing a job description. You are required to submit a questionnaire with the evaluation. However, it is recommended that you consider the questions when writing a job description. When writing a job description you should presume the position is being performed by someone fully competent in the role. A truncated version is available for staff on Scale 1 below.

Salary Scale 1 Job Analysis Questionnaire

A Job Analysis Questionnaire will be required for Management Band evaluations. This is to be completed by the incumbent (if possible) and the manager of the position being evaluated. The questionnaire may be used as a tool to assist when revising a job description. The Management Band Job Analysis is available below.

Management Band Job Analysis Questionnaire (DOCX)

How to request a Job Evaluation

To request the evaluation of a new position or if the position has not been evaluated in three years or more, submit the following:

  1. The up-to-date Job Description using the University template
  2. The Job Evaluation Form (DOCX) If this position is based on an existing Job Description, please advise which one and supply a copy.
  3. Make sure there is an up-to-date and evaluated JD for the position that this role reports to (unless it is an academic) of the role submitted for evaluation. If it has not been reviewed and formally evaluated in the last three years, then an updated Job Description in the current University template is required as this position will also be assessed. The current JE system measures positions in relation to each other. If this is an existing position with an incumbent, the JD must be signed by the incumbent.
  4. Include an organisation chart (DOCX)
  5. Include the completed Job Analysis Questionnaire (Salary Scale 1 Job Analysis Questionnaire by default (see Job Analysis Questionnaire above)
  6. Email all the above documents to the Job Evaluation Committee Secretary at

Following the Committee meeting, the Head of Department (and if appropriate the supervisor and incumbent) will be informed of the final level. If a change in salary results, placement will be as per the University Remuneration Policy.

The current turnaround time for Job Evaluation requests is 4 weeks.

Approval of Job Evaluation requests

The Job Evaluation Form needs to be used when you request the evaluation of a position. The form gives the Head of Department the responsibility to ensure that the appropriate processes are carried out prior to recruitment and appointment.

Some Divisions require that Job Evaluation requests go through the Division/School office, while others only require the signature of the Head of Department.

DivisionJob descriptions approved by:
CommerceDivisional Office
Health SciencesDivisional Office
HumanitiesDivisional Office
SciencesDivisional Office
Academic ServicesDirector's Office
External EngagementDivisional Office
OperationsChief Operating Officer's Office / Director's Office
LibraryCorporate Services
InternationalOffice of the PVC
ResearchDirector's Office

Financial Services

Divisional Office

Shared ServicesDirector's Office

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Key contacts

Sharon Pine
HR Adviser - Promotions and Remuneration
Job Evaluation Enquiries
+64 3 556 5027

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