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Thursday 23 March 2023 2:09pm

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Be entertained and feed your mind with our Hot Picks. You can relax in the comfort of your own home, while listening to a selection of podcasts, interviews, and lectures from Otago academics, visiting lecturers, and alumni.

Oral exams an alternative in AI era

Tech expert and alumnus Dr Simon McCallum is warning New Zealand's education system isn't ready for the impacts of rapidly evolving artificial intelligence.
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Dr Ali Hill: Nutrition

Jim Mora of RNZ interviews Dr Ali Hill about nutrition. She discusses the potentially deadly new fad of “Dry Scooping”; the potential of cinnamon, and other foods.
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What my grandfather told me: Whakapapa Kōrero

Memories of seasonal eel migrations and traditional harvesting practices are shared by Wairarapa residents. With changes to land use, the diversion and degradation of waterways, and pressures of commercial eeling, the storytellers raise concerns about the future of tuna and the health of Wairarapa Moana.
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The Knowledge of Divine Things

Theology's Professor Chris Holmes' discusses his journey and thoughts on the knowledge of divine things. This is Professor Holme's Inaugural Professorial Lecture.
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