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Thinking of doing Anatomy?

Q: Do I have to do Health Sciences First Year (HSFY) to do a Bachelor Degree in Anatomy?

A: No. To do a BSc majoring in Anatomy you only need to do four of the papers that make up Health Sciences First Year: CELS 191, CHEM 191, HUBS 191 and HUBS 192. For more information on the structure of a BSc in Anatomy please check out Undergraduate Study.

Q: If I don't do well enough in the first semester of HSFY to get into Medicine can I switch to a Bachelor Degree in Anatomy?

A: Yes. In fact a BSc in Anatomy is an excellent alternative path to getting entry into the health professions, including Medicine, Dentistry, and Physiotherapy.

The best people to talk to about restructuring your degree are our course advisors. They can help you plan a degree that will give you the best chance of getting into Medicine as a BSc graduate. Or, if you decide you might want to do something else instead, they can show you your options and help you plan a degree that fits your interests and your strengths. Course advice

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