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Anatomy hosts a number of specialist research facilities and services.

Behavioural Phenotyping Unit

The Behavioural Phenotyping Unit is a testing suite allowing experiments to be carried out in a controlled, homogenous environment. The facility has dedicated testing rooms, an operant conditioning suite, Promethion metabolic caging, a Bussey touch screen system and a catwalk room (locomotor studies). Various testing apparatus is available for communal use. The Unit provides cameras and tracking software. There is also a chemical preparation room and a surgery.

Additional information can be obtained from or the BPU coordinator:

Genetic Analysis Services

Genetic Analysis Services (GAS) provides low cost sequencing and genotyping services, with the highest level of efficiency and reliability, for clients within and beyond the University of Otago using the ABI 3730xl DNA Analyser. Genetic Anaylsis Services

W.D. Trotter Anatomy Museum

The W.D. Trotter Anatomy Museum holds a large collection of anatomical specimens and models, many of which are available for teaching and research purposes. The Museum is not open to the public except by prior arrangement with the Museum Curator. W.D. Trotter Anatomy Museum

Other specialist resources

Anthropological Collection

The Department's anthropological collection of human skeletal material is the largest in New Zealand and is held in two sections. One comprises mainly North Island Māori and Moriori remains and the other consists of excavated specimens from a number of archaeological sites in the South Pacific islands. The collection also includes casts of material excavated in Fiji.

Clinical Anatomy

Our clinical anatomy teaching and research is well resourced and supported by specialist facilities and technologies including a plastination facility currently processing both E12 (epoxy) and S10 (silicon) plastination techniques, a Dramet diamond bandsaw providing precision computer controlled sectioning of resin embedded specimens and other hard materials, a Zwick Z020 materials testing machine for bio-mechanical testing of tissues, an Acuson Antares ultrasound, a number of Sonostar portable ultrasound machines, a dedicated clinical dissection suite and a high quality imaging suite.

We also employ expert technical staff skilled in a variety of techniques including specialist embalming and preservation, prosection of human tissue and plastination.

Molecular/DNA Sequencing facilities

The Department has a number of technologies supporting molecular techniques including high throughput (GS Junior) and Next-generation (Ion Proton and Ion Torrent) sequencing. Real time PCR is supported by a Roche LightCycler 480 and an ABi ViiA7. We also have a dedicated laboratory for processing ancient DNA housed in a “clean” building on the main campus.

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