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Themed sessions

We are pleased to present our nine themed sessions:

  1. Commodified leisure? Commercialisation and promotional cultures in, around and through leisure practices (full details (275kb))
  2. Experience design: The core of leisure studies (full details (265kb))
  3. Exploring animal leisure(s) (full details (288kb))
  4. Family leisure and its representations (full details (204kb))
  5. Leisure and health: Diversity and difference in practice and in research (full details (288kb))
  6. Leisure management (full details (197kb))
  7. Leisure studies education and pedagogy: Exploring the diversity across fields (full details (273kb))
  8. Sport for Development: Building a diverse body of evidence (full details (206kb))
  9. The diversity of outdoor recreation: How do we make outdoor recreation accessible? (full details (191kb))

There is also an open theme where other topics of relevance to leisure studies will be explored. Given the theme of the conference, we are excited (but not surprised, as this was our intention!) by the diverse range of presentations.

Call for papers

There are three types of conference paper submissions available in 2019: full paper, abstract and leisure mash-up! We recognise that the ability to gain university funding is increasingly dependent on the submission of a full paper rather than an abstract, and we hope this change helps improve financial accessibility for our delegates.

We are delighted with the number of full papers, abstracts and mash-ups received, and advise that SUBMISSIONS HAVE NOW CLOSED.

We look forward to seeing you in December for what promises to be a thought-provoking programme of presentations!

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