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Staff of Arana College are here for you!

Our team members are:

Warden | Tautiaki

Johnny Nu'u

Deputy Warden | Kaitiriwā


Assistant Warden | Tautiaki Kaiāwhina

Jess McIntyre
George Jackson

Sub-Wardens | Kaiāwhina whare

Ruby Blake-Manson, Oliver Bolton, Sarah Cooksley, Olivia Gray, Jaxson Tautala-Hanita, Ethan James, Tomas O'Brien, Danielle Rutter, Demitra Soulis, Hamish Steadman, Caitlin Syme, Mia Tuivati


Kaitlyn Chisholm
Meghan Kruskopf

Food Service Manager

Brian Galvin

Assistant Food Services Manager

Saul Knox

Maintenance staff

Mark Robertson

House Manager

Heather Gunion

Other staff

  • Kitchen staff
  • Grounds staff
  • Simply the Best cleaning staff
  • Campus Security Staff

Confidentiality to team

Residents should be aware that study, behaviour, and health matters are not confidential to individual staff members, but to the staff team. Please do not embarrass individual Sub Wardens and yourself by asking them to keep such matters confidential to themselves.

The Warden has concern and responsibility for the whole College, and therefore all staff members consult with the Warden over issues with residents. The Warden only shares personal or sensitive information on a "need to know basis" with other staff.

Outside agencies

Staff may suggest to residents that it would be more appropriate that some matters are shared with a counsellor from the Student Counselling Service or with other outside agencies.

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