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It's all about balance. “Work hard, play hard, and work hard again,” is a statement that sums up a typical approach to life and work for an Arana resident.

You can be yourself in our diverse Arana community whilst taking an active part in community life.

Catering to everyone's needs

Residents at the arana carnival

Arana is youth focused with undergraduates and at the same time supportive of the differing needs of senior and postgraduate residents.

We are proud of our Arana College complex for accommodating students close to campus where they can be surrounded by an excellent number of opportunities for academic, cultural and social growth. We focus on maintaining top-notch facilities, up-to-date student programmes, and quality food services.

Students are encouraged to participate in all we have to offer.

Arana – proud to be part of the Otago University Collegiate Community

College collage TN

A snapshot of life at Arana

We will play sport and then the piano. We will do well academically and we will get out into our community to give back. We will participate in cultural and international performances, and then come back and watch the Highlanders at the rugby stadium. That is life at Arana: fun, varied, and exciting.


Arana College is committed to a sustainable lifestyle on a micro and macro level. At the college we highlight many areas of “green” living by reducing our food waste, having a student garden, engaging in communication about sustainability on a monthly basis and working towards our Seedling and further goals in the University's Green Impact programme.

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