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Executive Fellow

In addition to the learning support system at Arana we may ask members of the “extended Arana family” to offer guidance and support about how to form a small study group or give assistance to individuals or small groups.

This might be in relation to a particular essay or assignment or some aspects of a particular course. The Warden is clear that any assistance must be around facilitating learning, sharing and developing skills to solve problems and articulate arguments, rather than any “spoon feeding of answers”.

Executive Fellows


Council members represent a cross section of University and community groups.

  • Alan Geare
  • Tony Zaharic
  • Wayne Gillett
  • Bill Dawson
  • Claire Cook
  • Gregor Macaulay
  • Yu Kai Lim
  • Dave Scott
  • Geoff Burns
  • John Stenhouse
  • Ben Varkalis
  • Lloyd Davis
  • Phil Bishop
  • Phillipa Gray
  • Prajesh Chhanabhai
  • Sunny Collings
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