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Johnny Nu'uJohnny Nu'u - warden of Arana

LLB (Otago), Diploma for Graduates (Otago), CoP (Otago)

The Warden, Johnny Nu'u, leads the Arana community.  The term “warden” is a traditional description for a person who supervises and leads schools, colleges like Arana, and some other institutions. The Warden is responsible for the daily operations of the college and leading the residential community in the provision of pastoral care, academic support, and the physical and mental well-being of residents.

As the leader of the College, Johnny is responsible for the overall running of the college. The hauora (health and well-being) of residents is a key focus.

Johnny works alongside staff to build a vibrant and positive community and enhance the college as a safe and supportive place for our residents to live.

As an alumnus of the University of Otago, Johnny brings with him his experience as a lawyer and his knowledge of college life during both his undergraduate and professional years. A fundamental priority is creating a college environment to enable excellence where our students can thrive and succeed academically.

Make sure to say  Talofa Johnny!  (hello Johnny) if you are visiting the college.

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