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He rārangi whakaaturanga o ngā taonga rākau

Atlas of plant material & fibres from New Zealand & the Pacific


This free-to-use database can assist employees and volunteers in cultural institutions to identify plant materials used in artefacts. Positive identification provides information on historical use, and allows for the targeting of appropriate conservation treatments, which may vary among plant species. The database includes indigenous, common and botanical names; images of plants; scanning electron microscopy images of plant leaf/material surfaces and optical microscopy images of plant leaf/material cross-sections. Plant material used in this project was collected by an experienced ethnobotanist.


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Ownership and knowledge of plants by Māori and Pacific Peoples is acknowledged.

Heike Winkelbauer first suggested this atlas.

He rārangi whakaaturanga o nga taonga rākau (data/identification/exhibition list of treasured plants) (Rua McCallum).

This work was funded by New Zealand Lottery Grants (Lottery Environment and Heritage Committee).

The authors (D. J. Carr and N. M. Cruthers, 2007) acknowledge the assistance of Manaaki Whenua, Sereima Nasilisili (University of the South Pacific), Dunedin Botanic Garden, Crop and Food Research, Histology Unit University of Otago, The Otago Centre for Electron Microscopy, and The Otago Centre for Confocal Microscopy.

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