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This website is no longer active but remains online as an archive of the work of the Asian Migrations Research Theme, which ran between 2012 and 2016. Some of its work has been succeeded by the Centre for Global Migrations.

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Our research focuses on movements of people and ideas - past and present - in East, South and South-East Asia and into the Pacific, including Australia and New Zealand.

The Asian Migrations Research Theme was launched at the University of Otago in 2012. The Theme works to promote interdisciplinary exchanges and collaborations between scholars working in the field of Asian Migrations, both nationally and internationally.

Our Research Theme engages with the dynamic fields of diaspora, intercultural, global and transnational studies, which have grown over the last twenty years to become key frameworks for understanding social processes beyond the boundaries of one nation.

Upcoming events

Although a number of publications are still in the pipeline, from February 2016, the Theme's activities are drawing to a close. There will be new initiatives to promote Asian-themed research at Otago in the future.

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Our research is characterised by its multidisciplinary approach.

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