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This website is no longer active but remains online as an archive of the work of the Asian Migrations Research Theme, which ran between 2012 and 2016. Some of its work has been succeeded by the Centre for Global Migrations.

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Aims and objectives of the Asian Migrations Research Theme

We aim to develop new theoretical approaches and to address shortcomings in current theories and methodologies of Asian migration and diaspora, especially in their application to the Asia-Pacific region. Our focus on Asian migrations allows us to highlight and address these shortcomings and to develop new approaches.

A goal of the Theme is to develop a theoretical and methodological framework for understanding the Asia-Pacific region as comprised by movements of peoples, ideas, and commodities.

Activities offered and supported by the Asian Migrations Research Theme

  • We run interdisciplinary seminars and master classes
  • We host visiting scholars working on Asia, Diaspora and Migration Studies
  • We have begun a collection of podcasts of lectures by visiting scholars
  • We recruit and support postgraduate students working in the area of Asian Migrations and Diaspora
  • We have offered funding for a variety of innovative postgraduate projects, both to enable research in the field of Asian Migrations, and to give students the opportunity to present their research at major international conferences and symposia

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