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Students who have studied in the Department of Biochemistry go on to a wide variety of interesting careers around New Zealand and the world. Here are stories featuring the work and careers of some of our alumni.

Jacob Lamb image 2021 thumbnail

Jacob Lamb

Jacob Lamb is passionate about using biology, and his background in biochemistry, to help us use energy in a better way.

Laura Haycock image 2021 thumbnail

Laura Haycock

A degree in biochemistry provided Laura Haycock with an answer and a pathway into the world of pharmaceuticals.

Moizle Ocariza image 2021 thumbnail

Moizle Ocariza

Graduating with a degree in biochemistry in the midst of a global pandemic gave Moizle Ocariza a flying start to her career in biotechnology.

Tom Wiggins image 2021 thumb

Tom Wiggins

Tom Wiggins has discovered that a postgraduate degree in biochemistry opens up career opportunities in amazing places around the world.

Sarah Humphreys image 2021 thumbnail

Sara Humphreys

From the beginning, Sara Humphreys has been keen to explore the world around her, in all sorts of ways.

Dora Leahy tn

Dora Leahy

A budding interest in biology and chemistry at Taumarunui High School was the first step for Dora Leahy towards a career as a medical scientist.

Matthew Prouse (thumbnail photo)

Matthew Prouse

Matthew Prouse wanted a career where he could go to work each day and, as he explains, "learn about life and expand my understanding of the world."

Dick Hitchings thumbnail

Dick Hitchings

“As far as getting a future-proof field to work in, you couldn't do much better than biochemistry.”

Simone Colson thumbnail

Simone Colson

“I have absolutely no regrets about studying biochemistry and encourage you to take it on.”

Courtney McLauchlan thumb

Courtney McLauchlan

“I absolutely loved learning how biochemistry could work with other disciplines, and how it is right on the forefront of scientific innovation..."

Monica Singh thumb

Monica Singh

Monica Singh knows first hand the range of jobs a Biochemistry degree opens up.

Gemma Dickson thumb

Gemma Dickson

Ask Gemma Dickson about one of the most interesting biochemistry classes she's taken, and she'll tell you about the time she found a never-before-discovered transposable element in a Candida albicans sample.

Jessica Craig (thumbnail photo)

Jessica Craig

Coming to Otago for its "world-class reputation" and the "scarfie experience," Jessica chose to study a wide range of science papers in her first year and go from there.

Stephen Clarke_thumb

Stephen Clarke

“The Biochemistry staff were really enthusiastic and willing to take time out to talk. The labs and courses were well organised and the subjects were interesting and diverse, setting me up for many potential directions later on.”

Anita Dunble thumbnail

Genetic clues

Could the humble aspirin be effective in the fight against breast cancer?

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